University of International Business(Kazakhstan)

Since 1992, a division of the Kazakh State Academy of Management (KazGAU) with the participation of IBM Corporation was created, called the Republican School of Business.

 In 1997, the school was certified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, as a result of which the status of educational programs as corresponding to state standards was confirmed. In 2002, The University of International Business has been granted a perpetual state license of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (AA series No. 0000143 of February 5, 2002). University of International Business is accredited by ACCA in Bachelor of Economics & Business in Accounting and Audit.

University of International Business (UIB) agrees to establish a partner with GIME in the following areas:
• Student Exchanges;
• Faculty Exchanges;
• Joint Research and seminars;
• Exchange of academic information