Exchange Program

GIME is committed to becoming renowned global institute that preparing its students to participate in academic collaborations around the world. By 2019, GIME signed MOU, MOA and Articulation Agreement with more than 55 universities from 19 counties to enhance its global interactions. With the goal of internationalization, GIME encourage students to study abroad for personal and academic growth. 

GIME has exchange programs with universities in US, Germany, Morocco, Turkey, Malaysia, Ukraine, Kazakahstan, Colombia and The United Arab. Students can opt to take a full semester or two course loads abroad at our partner institutions worldwide after the first semester of year 3. Students will pay the tuition of GIME, but board and lodging to the host institutions.  

All the information regarding to the exchange programs are subject to changes with prior notices. 

• University of North Florida
• Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
• Technische Hochschule Köln
• International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco
• University of International Busine
• City University Malaysia
• Université Internationale de Rabat