Dalian enjoys well-developed transportation, with important seaports, 86 foreign trade routes and 22 domestic trade routes. The international airport has a total of 210 routes, and land transportation includes Hada High Speed Railway, Shenyang-Dalian Railway, Shenyang-Dalian Expressway, trams, buses as well as 2 main lines of underground.

Bus Card (公交卡)

It is said that the best way to know a city is to travel by bus. So when you come to study in Dalian, you may want try many bus routes to get familiar with the city. However, carrying change is sometimes inconvenient so here is what you can do to get your own bus card. You can get the card from the Bank of Dalian, which is at the west gate of DUFE campus, near DUFE hospital. And, you need to pay 30 RMB for deposit. Also, you can apply from specific subway station.

Bus Station 汽车站(Qi Che Zhan)

Heishijiao Bus Station 黑石礁公交车站
There are many bus-stop around DUFE, which are bus No. 3, 10, 23, 26, 533, 901, etc. Heishijiao bus station is the nearest station in the area; you can walk or take bus No.23, 901 to Heishijiao, just take about 7 mins, or take taxi about 8 Yuan.

Metro Station 地铁站(Di Tie Zhan)

Xueyuan Square Station学院广场地铁站
Xueyuan Square Station is the nearest metro station of GIME building which can only takes you five to eight minutes walking to the station.

Airport机场 (Ji Chang)

Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport大连周水子国际机场
People prefer to take taxi because it does not have any bus can get there directly, you must take 2 buses and the terminal is not near the International Airport.
Taxi: 30 - 40 Yuan
Tip: You can tell the driver to go the Xi Nan road, which is less possible getting in the traffic jam.

Railway 火车站 (Huo Che Zhan)

Dalian Railway Station大连火车站
(1) From Shuma Square(数码广场)
Take bus 23, 901, 528 about 40 mins and walk for a few minutes
Taxi: about 22 Yuan
(2) From DUFE
Take bus 23about 40 mins
Taxi: about 22 Yuan
Metro: Line 1 to Xian Road then transfer to Line 2 to Qing ni wa qiao Station.