Scenic Spots

Dalian has great scenery and is a famous tourist city. There are so many beautiful places to discover.

Dalian is a large tourist city also an important trading city. The summer here is not hot and the winter is not freezing cold. It also named as a romantic city, indicating that Dalian is a place recognized by everyone. Hope you can come here and experience it by yourself.   

Sunasia Ocean World圣亚海洋世界(Sheng Ya Hai Yang Shi Jie)

Dalian Sunasia Ocean World is China's romantic marine theme park as well as a romantic tourist destination. It is located in the Xinghai Park and contains

four stadiums — Sun Asia Ocean World, Polar World, Coral World and Deep Sea Legend. The four major venues covers a business area of more than

50,000 square meters and are comprehensive tourism spot integrating marine polar environment simulation, marine animal display performance, shopping, 

entertainment and leisure. In January 2001, Dalian Sunasia Ocean World was awarded the national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot. 

Address: 608 Zhongshan Road, Dalian, China 

Opening Hours: 09:00a.m.—16:30p.m. (Daily) 

Bus: No.901,23 to 2nd Hospital of Dalian Medical University Station. 

Metro: Line 1 to 2nd Hospital of Dalian Medical University Station. 


Discoveryland Theme Park is located in Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Peking Beach, which is a national 5A scenic area. It belongs to Dalian Haichang

Ocean Park and covers an area of 10,000 square meters, next to the fast-track station. The supporting Discovery Kingdom Resort is close to the sea,

which further improves the leisure and holiday function of the park and provides more convenience for visitors to the park. 

The park's eight theme areas reflect the different cultural characteristics of various regions around the world. Tourists of any age can enjoy happiness here.

Address: 36 Jinshi Road, Dalian, China 

Opening Hours: 09:30a.m.—17:00p.m. (Daily) 

Holiday Performance: 16:00p.m.—21:00p.m. 

Telephone: (0411) 87900000 

Metro: Line 1 to Xian Road transfer Line 2 Qingniwaqiao Station, Line 3 to Golden Pebble Beach Station.