Academic Faculty


Name 姓名:唐川钟 
Title职务:Director of Academic Faculty 专业教研室主任                                                                              
Teaching Course主讲课程:Tourism Management 
Highest Degree最高学历:Ph.D.,Griffith University of Australia       

Name 姓名:Orhan Hilmi Yazar 
Title职务:Associate Professor副教授 
Teaching Course主讲课程:Economics 

Highest Degree最高学历:Ph.D.,University of Sydney  

Name 姓名:Sajal Kabiraj 
Title职务: Professor教授 
Teaching Course主讲课程:Management 

Highest Degree最高学历:Ph.D., Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management 

Name姓名: Stephen P. Davis 
Teaching Course主讲课程:Marketing 
Highest Degree最高学历:MBA &MPA, Keller Graduate School of Management, US 
M.A., Beijing Language and Culture University 

Name 姓名:Joseph Blyden 
Title职务:Senior Lecturer高级讲师 
Teaching Course主讲课程: Accounting 

Highest Degree最高学历:M.A. University of London 

Name 姓名:黄志妍 
Teaching Course主讲课程:Accounting 

Highest Degree最高学历:M.A., University of Maryland


Name 姓名:Liu Zhenhua 
Title职务:Associate Professor副教授 
Teaching Course主讲课程:Management 

Highest Degree最高学历:Ph.D,Dalian University of Technology 

Name 姓名:Min Xue 
Teaching Course主讲课程:Accounting and Finance 

Highest Degree最高学历:Ph.D Candidate,Dongbei University of Finance and Economics