Life in Dalian


A centre of trade and finance, Dalian is one of China’s most diversified cities, attracting top international companies from different countries such as HP, Walmart, SAP, Sony and GE, as well as major banking, insurance and security companies; especially there is a Dalian commodity futures exchange.

Dalian is also a comfortable city, with a mild climate and low life pressure. Described as a historical city built around sea, visitors can enjoy so many beautiful beaches in each area or go directly to Lvshunkou District for the mysterious history. Dalian is also famous for seafood, which is very fresh because of the suitable water temperature; specially the squid is worth tasting.

Marathon is a kind of popular activities organized in Dalian from 1987 until now. Being a colorful city, Dalian hosts a number of festivals, including International Walking Convention and World Economic Forum; in addition, there are some funny activities such as winter swimming and stair climbing competition.


Dalian has very good public transport with distinctive sliver buses covering the entire city. Metro is also a relatively cheap and efficient alternative. It has already expanded to Heroitte. It is really very convenient for students to go shopping, go to the airport and train station straightly.

Dalian has also good connections with the rest of China. The Harbin high-speed passenger railway, which opened in 2012, provides a gateway to north China. Dalian Airport has frequent connections to Beijing (55 minutes) and Shanghai (two hours), as well as international flights to Japan and Korea.