Undergraduate Program

Program Overview

The overall aim of our program is to facilitate the personal and intellectual development of the students in order to ensure a thorough competence in their chosen field of knowledge.All the courses are designed to provide students with basic learning skills, enable them to clear up the blocks in language and finish the courses required by our partner universities.

The admission requirements to DUFE program is the students with Senior High School Diploma, achieving a score equal or above the passing grade for entry into DUFE in the National Undergraduate Entrance Examination or passing the Entrance Examination administered by DUFE.

Students under these programs are expected to finish their first period of study in Global Institute of Management and Economics (GIME) of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE), and they will be transferred to cooperative university to further their study.

The curriculum delivered at Global Institute of Management and Economics (GIME) is accepted by cooperative university and success in meeting the graduation requirements will bring them a Bachelor`s Degree from cooperative university.